29 January 2017

What would Blair Waldorf do ?

first of all, how amazing are these pencils my friend Helen got me for Christmas ? If you know me at all you will know i am the biggest gossip girl fan & Blair Waldorf wanna-be there is. 

These are the most popular prints i sell on my online shop , the Gigi Hadid print most of all.
Is there anything or anyone in particular you think i should draw for my next illustration ? Or a theme i could work with ? 

For 20% off one or these gorgeous prints use the code BLAIR20 at the checkout !

24 January 2017

To the moon & stars

The Elsa print shown in the previous post is now available on my shop as a valentines card or a greetings card for the one you love.

you could also frame it as a mini print !

22 January 2017


I have been working on secret projects since before Christmas so i haven't had a lot to share recently,
this week though managed to take a little time to work on personal projects that i sell on my online shop and keep in my portfolio

Elsa Hosk the beautiful Victoria secret model has been my latest muse. I have tried drawing her in the past but failed miserably. The problem i have when drawing Elsa is that she has very beautiful but also cartoon like features which then can make my illustrations of her look unrealistic . I will save myself the embarrassment and keep those ones to myself  !

This illustration is available on my shop as a print for £13 

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if you wish to share any of my illustrations please reference & tag me !