15 March 2017

Mother Muse illustrations

This was such a lovely project to work on, probably my favourite so far ! I created five illustrations that were featured in Mother Muse magazine's first ever edition , including the back cover ! 

 Mother Muse magazine is a Canadian print magazine that focuses on the kind folk modern mother, it is more then a magazine it’s a lifestyle a coffee table book dedicated to you. Filled with original artwork, articles, interviews and, editorials that support slow fashion we dedicate on finding emerging designers and products for the woman who deserve it the most.

i love everything about it , the delicate colour scheme , dreamy photography , the articles and interviews on real people. 

I have had so much great feedback on all of the illustrations in the magazine but most of the love goes to the baby illustration which was on the back cover ! it is super cute and by far one of my cutest muses to date.

if you would like to read the magazine it is available to buy here

photographs of magazine on instagram  credit to - 

29 January 2017

What would Blair Waldorf do ?

first of all, how amazing are these pencils my friend Helen got me for Christmas ? If you know me at all you will know i am the biggest gossip girl fan & Blair Waldorf wanna-be there is. 

These are the most popular prints i sell on my online shop , the Gigi Hadid print most of all.
Is there anything or anyone in particular you think i should draw for my next illustration ? Or a theme i could work with ? 

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24 January 2017

To the moon & stars

The Elsa print shown in the previous post is now available on my shop as a valentines card or a greetings card for the one you love.

you could also frame it as a mini print !

22 January 2017


I have been working on secret projects since before Christmas so i haven't had a lot to share recently,
this week though managed to take a little time to work on personal projects that i sell on my online shop and keep in my portfolio

Elsa Hosk the beautiful Victoria secret model has been my latest muse. I have tried drawing her in the past but failed miserably. The problem i have when drawing Elsa is that she has very beautiful but also cartoon like features which then can make my illustrations of her look unrealistic . I will save myself the embarrassment and keep those ones to myself  !

This illustration is available on my shop as a print for £13 

All artworks on my blog and other social media are copyrighted to myself Robyn Toria

if you wish to share any of my illustrations please reference & tag me !